Feverfew Rag Rug by Debbie Siniska

Bead Looms

Weaving beads on a bead loomThe tradition of weaving beads into flat panels or strips can be traced back centuries. These strips can be used as jewellery or sewn onto clothing or to decorate items in the home.
I sell a range of high quality wooden bead looms, from a basic starter loom which will accomodate a 4 inch wide strip of beadwork to the professional loom which will accomodate a 6 inch wide strip. Each loom comes complete with full instructions and a starter kit of beads, needle and thread.

Starter Loom

  • Starter Loom4" Width
  • Collapses to flat pack
  • Threaded rod spacers
  • £22.00 + Post and packing

Bee LoomBee Loom

  • 3" width
  • Small and Portable
  • Roller cover to protect weaving
  • Wound wire spacers
  • £28.00 + Post and packing

Professional LoomProfessional Loom

  • 6" width
  • Adjustable stirrup for upright or
    horizontal weaving position
  • Roller cover to protect weaving
  • Wound wire spacers
  • Box construction
  • £39.00 + Post and packing

All prices are in pounds sterling.

Postage & Packing - £3.00 to UK addresses.

Please e-mail for details of post and packing charges outside the UK.

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